Golf DXB offers golf lessons for ladies in Dubai. This specialized ladies golf coaching programme is available for beginners, intermediate levels and advanced players. Like with our other signature golf classes, our ladies golf lessons allow participants to acquire the needed skills to confidently play and compete on the course.

Golf DXB’s golf lessons for ladies:

• Flexible timings and sessions available every day
• Great value for money
• Small number of participants for more focused coaching and individualised approach
• Fun and friendly atmosphere
• Modern equipment provided
• Paving a clear path to the golf course

H2: Professional ladies golf coaching from veteran golfers
At Golf DXB, we have qualified and experienced Golf Professionals with a passion for sharing their love for the sport and helping others discover and hone their golfing skills. From guiding participants to the proper stance and grip, to enabling them to expertly execute different swings and improve their ball striking and aim, our team provides hands-on coaching that enriches the learning and playing experience of each participant.

Whether you’re just trying out golf for the first time, or you’ve played before and need to brush up on your skills on the course, we’ll help you learn the basics and advance to become a handicap golfer competing in Championship Golf courses.

Our golf classes for the ladies are available at extremely competitive rates. Lessons are offered at different times during the day to give our clients flexibility in choosing their desired schedule. Only a limited number of participants are accepted to each group lesson so our instructors can better guide and coach individual players.

Private Coaching & Custom-Fitted Equipment

Want to take your game to the next level? We provide bespoke private training sessions that are specifically aligned to your experience, level of skill, and strengths and weaknesses.

Maximise your potential and growth with a range of golf clubs and equipment especially custom-fitted for you.

To know more about our classes and other services, get in touch with us today!

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